Why Us?

The Omaha/metro area has several highly qualified painting contracting companies. So what make Levi's Premier Painting & Design different?

Small Job Specialists

Our core business has always been doing the relatively small jobs that other painters won't do. Examples of these small jobs are:

  • Single Bedroom
  • Single Bathroom
  • Single Ceiling
  • Small Drywall Repair
  • Wall, Ceiling, and Woodwork Touch Up

Many homeowners are too busy to do these “small” jobs. Levi's Premier Painting & Design can do these jobs quickly, correctly and at a fair price. Most people don't realize that a company like this exists. Our company motto is, “No job is too small.”


It is absolutely essential that you completely trust the contractor in your home. Since we are a small company, you will never have anyone working in your home you have not personally met.

“After meeting Levi, it was obvious he was a different caliber person and painter than the others we had met. He did a fantastic job and we have since referred him to both our children.”
“We had several painters come out and give bids, but after meeting Levi I instantly felt comfortable thinking about him working in our home with my wife & child there.”


Since starting our company several years ago, we have been collecting satisfied customer's information. Our total number of references has grown to over 100. We take great pride in these references because these are former clients so satisfied with our work, they are willing to tell their story.